How To Market My Business Online

I get this question from business owners all the time. How to market my business online and what does it cost to be able to bring customers in from the internet.

There are many approaches to marketing a business online and it does not matter if it is a conventional brick and mortar business or a business that is run completely online.

The goal is to have some sort of website or blog where you can communicate what your company has to offer in a very clear and concise manner.

People on the internet tend to have a very short attention span because they know they can find what they want or need in so many different places. You need to be able to communicate very quickly that you have the answer to whatever they need and you have to do it right away when they arrive at your site.

Once you have a site or blog that quickly send the message “I have what you need” it is time to start driving visitors to that site.

This is where most people fail because without site visitors we are not going to make much money are we?

When trying to market a business online you really have a ton of options that range from completely free to very high cost depending on your marketing budget.

I always recommend small business and those new to advertising online start with low cost and even free resources for marketing their business.

This is because some online advertising can become very expensive quickly and if you do not understand how it works you can lose a ton of cash fast.

Free advertising and marketing can be done very easy and only requires a very small amount of time to get going. The good news is that free can often result in better response that spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The first key is to understand where site visitors interested in you business can be found. There are a few places that you can find them without spending any advertising dollars at all.

Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can be leveraged without spending any money and are without a doubt the biggest source of potential customers. Using these resources requires understanding how to get listed in search results where people that want what you have to offer can find your business.

This may seem complicated but it is a skill that anyone can learn and apply without a marketing budget with just a few hours a week working on a marketing campaign.

How do people find the things they want and need online?

They go to a search engine and type in a term related to what they want.

What if you company was listed right there in the search results for terms relevant to what a potential customer wants and what your business offers?

This is how many small businesses have become very successful online and I actually have run all of my online businesses using the search engines as my primary marketing tool.

There are also the social networking sites like Facebook that can be a very good source of potential customers with things like fan pages and simply setting up a company Facebook page to let current clients, friends and family help spread the word about your business.

When it comes to answering the question about how to market my business online it really does not have as much to do with how much you spend. It is more about how much effort you put into making sure you can be found and establishing yourself as the expert in your field or best value in whatever you offer.

Top Four Business Degrees: What They Entail

Colleges that offer business degrees often have several specializations a college student can consider – accounting, marketing, finance, and business management. Pretty much every business degree specialization has many features; however, it is dependent upon just what the student would like to do as a career and what strong points they’ve got that will cause them to be thriving within their chosen discipline. Whatever the student chooses to do after university, a thorough backdrop in business will help them qualify for an excellent career in a variety of industries.


This profession requires individuals to be experienced in mathematics, able to think critically, analyze info, and effectively report facts and statistics. Accountants commonly work in a business office setting and usually have clientele that they work for. Clear communication is critical. Several accountants are fluent in financial planning for personal and business goals. They must also be capable of interpret legal papers and have an understanding of information technology. To qualify for most jobs, an accounting bachelor’s degree is essential. Lots of individuals decide to obtain a master’s degree or become a Certified Public Accountant.


Marketing is a profession which has developed considerably over the years, however the core idea is the same – to promote and sell services or products. Marketing is a fast-paced business as well, requiring those who are in it to continue to keep track of the marketplace they serve and modify their techniques accordingly. Marketers ought to be able identify and track audiences to target different services and products for different clients. They should also be able to recognize new markets, price products and have good communication with their clients.


The finance industry is sophisticated and has several layers of professional alternatives. For college students who graduate with business degrees in finance, they ought to also think about having a specialty within that field to improve their possibility of employment after college. For the most part, professionals work for banks, large businesses, financial counseling firms along with corporations. They analyze, forecast and advise options or guidelines to clients to help increase future earnings.

Business Management

A business management degree is an extremely flexible business degree. You study the fundamentals of managing a business – small or large. The varied curriculum covers everything from accounting, marketing and advertising to human resources and communications. As a result of broad topics, most skills learned are adaptable to a lot of industries like healthcare and online marketing. You’ll likely require effective interpersonal skills, the chance to problem solve quickly and efficiently as well as have a good understanding of future opportunities for an organization.

All of these business degrees can lead to a successful career in business or in another industry that needs these types of skills.

How to Bring the Kids Into the Family Business

First, and this is critical, don’t let your kids work for you until they have had a lengthy period of success working for someone else. Three to five years working for another company does wonders for their skill sets, their confidence and their ability to bring what they learned to your family business. They may also decide their best choice will be with another company.

If, after working for some other firm, they decide to come to work in the family business, they will be making a choice instead of feeling pressured into it or fearful that they couldn’t work for anyone else. Long before the actual hire, sit down and construct a thorough long term plan of action of how to bring them on and how to develop their career in the company.

If your business is a small restaurant or a similar business and the kids have worked in it for years this isn’t as big an issue. They know the business and how it works. They and the business might still improve by working somewhere else for a while and then coming back. However, it’s unlikely they will destroy the business if they just keep doing what has worked.

The children of successful parents have a history of destroying the family business when they get too much responsibility too soon. Too much expansion without the right guidance has killed many a family run business. There are challenges at every step.

To send these kids to business school and then start them on the fast track to CEO, often blows up. Some succeed, of course, but too many take chances based on theory rather than experience. This country’s businesses have been damaged greatly by MBA’s running things with no product or customer experience. Finance alone is not the key to making a business work.

Then there is the problem of how to pass the business to the next generation. This is problematic in the strongest of family businesses. Hostility among the siblings can develop if this isn’t handled well. Each family business is different. If there are sufficient funds for hiring a family business consultant, do so as early on as you can. Their help in succession is invaluable. Usually the best are members of the Family Firm Institute,

Families that don’t have the finances to hire a consultant can still learn how to bring the kids into the firm and how to handle the transition. There are other sources of information available on the web and in libraries.

Whatever you decide is right for your family business, remember that one of the worst things you can do is hire your own child right out of school and put them in positions of responsibility.

It’s always a good plan to have your kids earn what you give them.